VK100-AA VK-100 GIGI Graphics Terminal

Manufacturer: Digital Equipment (DEC)
Model: VK100 (GIGI)
Introduced in: 1982
Initial price: $1500
CPU: Intel 8085A@ 3(?)MHz
RAM: 32 kB (16 kB System RAM, 16 kB Video RAM)
ROM: 28 kB (26kB are used)
Text Modes: 84×24, 42×24
Resolution: 768×240, 8 colors
Interfaces: RS-232C, 20 mA current loop, composite video, printer
Weight: 5.7 kg

partnumber name size
EK-VK100-IN-001 GIGI VK100 Terminal Installation and Owner's Manual 44.82M
EK-VK100-IN-002 GIGI VK100 Terminal Installation and Owner's Manual 43.73M
EK-VK100-RC-001 GIGI Terminal Set-Up Reference Card 178.50K
AA-J942A-TK GIGI Graphics Editor Manual 173.04M
AA-J943A-TK GIGI Slide Projection System Manual 88.52M
AA-K335A-TK GIGI BASIC Manual 25.53M
AA-K336A-TK GIGI/ReGIS Handbook 161.73M
AA-K337A-TK GIGI Character Set Editor Manual 23.01M
AA-L401A-TE GIGI Exerciser User Guide 4.57M
AA-L401A-TK GIGI Exerciser Users Guide Aug81 689.95K
EK-0GIGI-RC-001 GIGI Programming Reference Card Sep80 579.53K
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