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paper materials (docs, manuals) / decserver
P/N name size
DBR90_11_1-6.SYS DECbrouter 90T2a 6.59M
DEWGB390.SYS DECbridge 90, 90FL 33.00K
DP0601ENG.SYS DECserver-250 179.50K
DS5TSV.SYS DECserver-500 176.00K
MNENG1.SYS DECserver-90TL 579.50K
MNENG2.SYS DECserver-90M 860.50K
MNENG3.SYS 90M (2MB) 1.50M
naosf04020_cvrlet.txt DECserver Network Access Software 2.0 11.15K
naosf04020.txt Release Notes for DECserver Network Access Software V2.0 BL10D-40 27.44K
PR0801ENG.SYS DECserver-200 190.00K
PS0801ENG.SYS-v1.3 DECserver-100 63.50K
PS0801ENG.SYS-v2.0 DECserver-100 108.00K
SH1601ENG.SYS DECserver-300 569.50K
WWENG1.SYS DECserver-700 578.00K
WWENG2.SYS DECserver-700 1.57M
WWENG2.SYS-V2.3A DECserver-700 1.60M